Who We Are

We are a fiery team motivated by the need to empower more people to take charge of their health in Africa. We do this with a cloud based AI driven health app that helps patients connect with doctors and other healthcare facilities closest to them.

Our vision of Ghana and Africa is one where health care is easily accessible and reliable for all with minimal room for errors. Medley Health app aims to be the most reliable, convenient and patient focused health app for all. With an innovative, AI powered app, Medley App helps patients connect with doctors and other healthcare providers closest to them.

Medley's Story

Medley Health started when Nana Kwame, the founder, while still in college experienced second-hand, the woes of our siloed and disconnected health care service in Ghana. His older sister went through months of extreme backache whoch was misdiagnosed and mistreated till by sheer luck (or we might say grace), the right specialist was found and correct surgery was done.
Nana Kwame was immediately spurred on to find a solution to this, each key feature in Medley is a solution to the top three errors Nana Kwame and his family went through during their experience
Don't Ignore The Symptoms
Medley Health’s AI symptom checker helps you understand the symptoms you are experiencing and goes further to suggest next steps.
Speak To The Right Professionals
Identify the unique symptoms of your condition and schedule an appointment with a best matched specialist on Medley Health.
Your Health Repository Is Vital
Update your medical history in Medley Health to simplify access to your health records regardless of the healthcare facility you choose to visit.

Our Team

🧠 Nana Kwame Acheampong - CEO

πŸ–₯️ Mark B. Addo - CTO

πŸ’° Esinam Adorkor - Head of Business

πŸ§ͺ Nii Lous Nelson - Product Manager